KENBIKYO Vol.48▶No.1 2013
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Development of Ultrafast Relativistic-Electron Diffraction

Yoshie Murooka, Nobuyasu Naruse, Jinfeng Yang and Katsumi Tanimura

Abstract: To reveal atomic dynamics directly, we have developed Ultrafast Electron Diffraction system using Relativistic electrons. The homemade rf-photocathode allows both the high brightness sufficient for single shot experiments and the high time resolution for monitoring real time atomic motions. The system has electromagnetic lenses as for a transmission electron microscope that keep the system compact and rich in optical configurations. We also introduced the homemade electron detection method that was capable of recording diffraction patterns precisely and detecting their subtle changes sufficient to monitor atomic motions.

Key words: rf photocathode, Ultrafast Electron Diffraction, Relativistic Electron, photo-induced structural phase transition