MICROSCOPY Vol.43▶No.2 2008
■Feature Articles: Re-evaluation of fibroblasts and fibroblast-like cells: newer aspects

The origin of fibroblast recruited into cancer-induced stromal tissue

Genichiro Ishii and Atsushi Ochiai

Abstract: “Cancer” consists of cancer cells and surrounding stromal cells. The main constituents of cancer stroma are inflammatory cells, including lymphocytes, granulocytes and macrophages, the endothelial cells of blood and lymph vessels, pericytes, and fibroblasts. Recruited fibroblasts produce collagens and extracellular matrix proteins in response to several extracellular stimuli. This step is called the “desmoplastic reaction” and is a kinetic sequence of events in the invasion process.  Investigators of the biology of this cancer-induced stroma have found evidence that biological activity of stromal fibroblasts is closely linked to tumor progression. To analyze the biology of fibroblast within cancer-induced stroma as well as cancer cell will allow us to better understand cancer microenvironment. In this article, we summarize the origin of fibroblast recruited into cancer stroma.

Key words: cancer-induced stroma, microenvironment, fibroblast, bone-marrow-derived