MICROSCOPY Vol.43▶No.2 2008

Principles of High Resolution STEM Images (I)

Takashi Yamazakia and Kazuto Watanabeb

aTokyo University of Science
bTokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology

Abstract: By improving coherence and brightness of electron beam, high-angle annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy (HAADF STEM) enables us to obtain incoherent images with comparable resolution of conventional high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. Recently, developments in correcting the aberration of the lens have pushed achievable spatial resolution into sub-ångstrom, thus providing a new level of analysis for local structures as well as electric states in areas such as nanotechnology. This review mainly shows how conventional high resolution STEM images are understood through several key points.

Keywords: STEM, HAADF STEM, Spherical Aberration Corrector, Analysis of Local Structure