MICROSCOPY Vol.43▶No.3 2008

Remote Control System for the Ultrahigh Voltage Electron Microscope

Kiyokazu Yoshida

Abstract: The ultrahigh voltage electron microscope at Osaka University operates at 3MV, the world-highest accelerating voltage, and it therefore attracts world-wide attention of application researchers in various fields.  To meet their requirements, design of a remote operation system for the 3MV UHVEM, which makes it possible to use the EM from remote laboratories in the world, has been studied in our research center.  In this paper, contents of the development will be described, with emphasis placed on the following items: (1) necessary conditions for the remote operation, (2) remote operation with a knob box or with a PC installed with a specific software, (3) image transmission with a DV mode by a conventional NTSC or with a HiDVTS mode compatible with the high-vision images, (4) communication link, (5) the way of mutual communication between the laboratories, (6) recording of dynamic images, (7) recording of static images, (8) sharing of recorded images among collaborating laboratories, (9) examples of remote operation and observation, and (10) future prospects.

Key words: ultrahigh voltage electron microscope, remote observation, remote operation