MICROSCOPY Vol.43▶No.4 2008
â– Feature Articles: Application of High Voltage Electron Microscopy for Biomedical Science

Structure Analysis of Human Hair Fiber with High Voltage Electron Microscopy (HVEM)

Kenzo Koike, Akira Mamada, Shinobu Nagase, Osamu Yoshida and Akio Takaoka

Abstract: Three-dimensional structural analyses of human hair fibers and comparison of the different fibers were tried by using the High Voltage Electron Microscopy (HVEM).
The analysis condition, sample preparation, and a machine state were adjusted to the suitable condition for tilting observation of from -70 degree to +70 degree, at 2 degrees intervals. The tomography of hair fiber was successfully reconstructed from the different angle pictures with IMODE software in a computer. By using HVEM, the various human hair fibers from Japanese and Caucasians were investigated and discussed about their structures.

Key words: hair, three-dimensional structure, tomography, hair-care, effect