MICROSCOPY Vol.43▶No.4 2008
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Spatial pattern analysis of the functional organization of the brain

Shozo Jinno

Abstract: The anatomical studies are considered to be fundamentals of all research fields in neuroscience. However, it is rather difficult to know the functional significance of specific structural organization by conventional anatomical studies. Therefore, we have tried to apply the spatial pattern analysis to anatomical research. The spatial pattern analysis is a statistical methodology, which helps to understand the mechanisms underlying specific distribution patterns. According to this technique, we have examined the spatial distribution of microglia and astrocytes in the mouse hippocampus. Our results showed the domain structure of microglia and also suggested the attraction between microglia and astrocytes. In this review, I further discuss the potential value of the spatial pattern analysis in modern neuroanatomical research.

Key words: spatial pattern analysis, point process, neuroanatomy, microglia, astrocyte