MICROSCOPY Vol.44▶No.1 2009
â– Feature Articles: Application and Future Aspect of Electron Microscopy in Industry

Practicable microscope use case to semiconductor jisso material and material development

Hiroaki Kurihara and Noriko Hanzawa

Abstract: An electronic equipment advances making to high performance and the price cutting based on the demand of downsizing of the market. As for integrated circuit (IC), correspondence to making to high performance and the miniaturization is requested. IC is mounted as parts by using the substrate. We introduce the case where the microscope is used to develop the method of improving the material development and reliability of this jisso material. The following two examples are given about the material development. Examination of deposition mechanism of electrolysis copper foil. Mechanism examination how to make the shape of copper pattern. The following example is given about the development of the method of improving reliability. Examination of growth mechanism of tin whisker by causing short-circuit of the pattern that becomes a fatal defect.

Key words: Copper foil, Copper pattern, Tin plating, Tin whisker, Reliability