MICROSCOPY Vol.44▶No.1 2009
■Feature Articles: Application and Future Aspect of Electron Microscopy in Industry

Application of Microscope for Material & Process Solutions in the Printing Industry

Mahito Asou and Koji Kuroda

Abstract: With the advance of analytical technology developed in 20th for mainly electronics printing technology becomes to be understood as high-speed process that makes nano structure in fluid ink develop to macro functional texture of the solid product.
The printing technology is now expected to apply to nano fabrication process of nanoelectronics or biotechnology in 21st. However, the nano technologies in printing process are hidden because they still depend on human tacit knowing cultivated human sense and experience. In order to make solutions for those nano processing and succeed them to the next generation, we have to make new step of “seeing” and then “knowing” for “controlling” throughout nano to macro evolving behavior in material processing, Those technologies are important to develop real-time process analysis technologies, to accumulate various knowledge stocks of nano dynamics and to estimate modeling of what is happening in the process to make it happen for the development of the 21st nano manufacturing. That will enable us new 21st science harmonized with human sense.
In this paper the solution proposal system is presented for the printing process problems trough intuitive visualization of multi functional phenomena by microscopy and of invisible fast phenomena by high-speed video imaging, and through dynamic analysis of molecular behavior by time-resolved spectroscopy.

Key words: printing technology, nano technology, process analysis, material behavior, human interface