MICROSCOPY Vol.44▶No.3 2009
■Feature Articles: High-resolution Structural Analysis of Biological Macromolecules

Development of SEM based Nano-Probing System and It’s Application

Yasuhiro Mitsui

Abstract: One of the problems for current failure analysis in ULSI is that the flow from localization to physical analysis is not smooth due to decrease of device dimension and complicated device structure. Therefore we have developed a dedicated nano-probing system with FE-SEM to make the flow smooth by the identification and characterization of the exact failing transistor in advanced devices. In this report, items to be developed for high performance nano-probing system, such as optimum probe tip shape for probing on fine pattern, reduction of contact resistance for high reliability, increase of probe tip life time, precisely controlled probes and stage for finer geometry handling with high speed, load-lock chambers for sample and probe exchange and CAD navigation system for high throughput, 6 probes for extended applications, and probing controllers for easy operation like a manual probing system are described. Furthermore an actual failure analysis case (single bit failure in SRAM) using nano-probing system is also explained. The SEM based nano-probing system has been already applied to evaluation of 32 nm node devices and beyond.

Key words: Nano-probing system, SEM, Failure analysis, LSI