MICROSCOPY Vol.45▶No.1 2010
■Feature Articles: Research Articles by Selected Young Microscopists from East Asia

Integrating Optical Techniques and Electron Microscopy for Nanomaterials Study

Min Gao, Chengyao Li, Wenliang Li, and Lian-Mao Peng

Key Laboratory for the Physics and Chemistry of Nanodevices and Department of Electronics, Peking University

Abstract: In this paper, we summarize our initial efforts in combining optical techniques and in situ electron microscopy in order to achieve comprehensive characterization of individual one dimensional nanostructures. Two straightforward approaches have been adapted. Firstly, we employ different characterization techniques to locate and measure the same individual nanostructure in a compatible sample for the involved instruments. Secondly, we combine optical fiber probe detector and nanoprobe technique inside a scanning electron microscope to assemble a comprehensive characterization system. Above techniques have been applied to the studies of the origin of the “green” emission and the waveguiding behavior in 1D ZnO nanostructures. The integrated characterization system also enables in situ assembly and characterization of nanostructures for optoelectronic device purposes. Using these examples, we demonstrate that the combination of optical techniques and in situ electron microscopy can be powerful for the studies of optoelectronic nanomaterials and nanodevices.

Key words: micro-photoluminescence, in situ electron microscopy, one-dimensional nanostructure, ZnO, optical fiber, optoelectronic nanodevice