MICROSCOPY Vol.45▶No.2 2010
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Multi-Biprism Electron Interferometry

Ken Harada

Advanced Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.

Abstract: Multi-biprism electron interferometry which utilizes two or three electron biprisms in the electron optical system simultaneously, is introduced as being based on conventional electron interferometry using a single electron biprism in its optical system. Electron biprisms in the newly developed interferometry, are installed into real space and reciprocal space, separately and simultaneously in order to control two electron waves independently in their relative propagate angle and their overlap position in the interference optical system. Several important parameters of interferogram, such as fringe spacing, interference width and orientation of interference fringes which is newly introduced by the interferometer, are able to control independently and flexibly. The construction of the interference optical systems and their operation mechanism are discussed in this paper.

Key words: electron interferometry, electron biprism, multi-biprism electron interferometer, electron holography, field emission electron microscope