MICROSCOPY Vol.45▶No.2 2010
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Low Energy Scanning Electron Microscope Mounted with a Single-atom Electron Source

Naoki Chiyoda, Tsuyoshi Ishikawa, Bokurai Cho, Akira Yonezawa, Hidekazu Saito, Makoto Kanda and Chuhei Oshima

Abstract: Present situation of developing low-energy SEM mounted with a single-atom electron source has been reviewed. In the electron gun, adjustment of direction alignment of an electron beam is possible in addition to the adjustment of beam position. The highly efficient electron gun was realized; SEM observation was realized at several nA of the total emission current, which is three orders of magnitude as small as those of conventional FE guns. Improvement in the spatial resolution is in progress.

Key words: Nano-electron source, Single-atom electron source, FESEM XHVSEM