MICROSCOPY Vol.45▶No.3 2010
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In-Situ Observation of Micro-Structural Changes by EBSD

Seiichi Suzuki

Abstract: Practical techniques of in-situ observation of micro-structural changes by EBSD are explained and their observation results are shown. Heating stage, tensile and heating-tensile stage and specimen bending stage are picked up as in-situ apparatuses for EBSD observation. Some technical points for combining EBSD and higher temperature heating stage which can go more than 1173K are explained. Appropriate cares for building heating stage could make it possible to observe Ti α-β transformation at 1193K without any problems. Practical points for designing tensile stages are explained. Heating-tensile observation is also possible, but observation of tensile specimen under heated condition becomes far more difficult for EBSD due to specimen drift. EBSD observation using specimen bending test is easier, because of that the deformation point is fixed. But it needs to be careful to analyze the data. Deformation mechanism is more complicated by combining tensile part and compressed part. It is shown that the Kernel Average Misorientation values by EBSD analysis were increased proportionally along with the amount of deformation with specimen bending test.

Key words: EBSD, In-Situ Observation, Heating stage, Tensile Stage, Bending stage