MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.1 2011
â– Feature Articles: Applications of S/TEM Techniques to Chemistry of Catalysis

TEM study on Au nano-particle catalysts

Tomoki Akita, Shingo Tanaka, Koji Tanaka, Masanori Kohyama and Masatake Haruta

Abstract: It is well known that the catalytic activity of Au nanoparticle changes significantly depending on the size of the Au particle. It is also suggested that the interface structure between the Au and support metal oxides is important for the catalytic properties. Thus, in order to elucidate the mechanism of catalysis by Au, it is indispensable to clarify the structure of the interface between Au nanoparticle and metal oxide support in atomic scale. We present some recent results concerning the structure of Au catalysts obtained by electron microscopy.

Key words: catalyst, nano-particle, Au, interface, metal oxide