MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.2 2011
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Disital Tracing in Neuro-Morphology

Emi Kiyokage, Eiji Notsu, Takahiko Akagi and Kazunori Toida

Abstract: Recent biological imaging is developing into a powerful technique for visualization of particular neurons, dendritic trees, and axons. Neuron tracing is also effective tool to understand anatomical structure. Although manual tracing is available for only cell shape with 2 dimensional(D) information, digital tracing gives us morphometric date and 3D reconstructed neurons. Based on these data, characteristics of each neuron are expressed as a numerical value and we can accurately classify neurons by statistical analysis, and elucidate to its neuronal network and functional role. Here, we would like to show some of useful analyses by using Neurolucida.

Key words: Neuron tracing, 3 dimensional reconstruction, Morphometry, Neurolucida