MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.3 2011
■Feature Articles: New Trends and Prospects in High Voltage Electron Microscopy

Development of Laser-HVEM and Its Application

Seiichi Watanabe, Shigeo Yatsu and Kenji Ohkubo

Abstract: We report here the formation process of laser-induced nanostructures by means of the in-situ study using a laser-equipped high-voltage electron microscope (Laser-HVEM), which has been developed at HVEM lab., Hokkaido University. A nanosecond pulse Nd:YAG laser (Inlite II-20, Continuum) was mounted to a HVEM (H-1300, Hitachi, accelerating voltage: 1300 kV, point-to-point resolution: 0.204 nm) above the specimen position so that the lineally polarized laser beam can pass through a quartz window and irradiated the TEM specimen at an angle of 60º, which corresponds to a 30º (s-polarized) off-beam light incidence condition. We report in this article some our recent results on in situ experiments using the Laser-HVEM.

Key words: Laser-HVEM, In-situ Observation, Laser-induced phenomena, Radiation effects, Lattice defects