MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.3 2011
■Feature Articles: New Trends and Prospects in High Voltage Electron Microscopy

Development of a High-Voltage Electron Microscope for Reaction Science

Nobuo Tanaka, Jiro Usukura, Michiko Kusunoki, Yahachi Saito, Katuhiro Sasaki, Takayoshi Tanji, Shunsuke Muto and Shigeo Arai

Abstract: Recently, the environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM) is highlighted as well as ultra-high resolution transmission electron microscopy with spherical aberration correction. Various kinds of in-situ observations of specimens changed by physical, electrical and mechanical modulations are carried out in the ETEM. In 2010 Nagoya University installed the world-first environmental high-voltage electron microscope, where observations under gas-injection up to 10,000Pa (≅1/10 atmosphere), light and mechanical modulations and three-dimensional tomography are performed for thicker specimens. In this article, the background of development and the preliminary data by using the instrument are reported.

Key words: Environmental high-voltage electron microscope, Reaction science, Three-dimensional observation, TEM/STEM