MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.3 2011
â– Feature Articles: New Trends and Prospects in High Voltage Electron Microscopy

Next Frontiers in Materials Science by In-situ Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy

Hidehiro Yasuda

Abstract: The 3MV ultra-high voltage electron microscope in Osaka University has advantages in researches utilizing both wave and particle motion of electrons. In this review, several examples of the researches based on the high transparency, in situ observation and electron radiation effects are listed, and the meaning of non-equilibrium materials science by a combination of radiation effects and in situ observation is shown. As one of recent researches, electron-irradiation-induced non-equilibrium phase transitions in Pd nanoparticles are introduced. When point defects are introduced and frozen by electron irradiation in Pd nanoparticles kept at low temperature, Pd nanoparticles with the fcc structure change from the random crystalline structure to the hcp structure with increasing of the atomic mean square displacements by formation of stacking faults and accumulated lattice strain. Additionally, the importance of researches on the dynamic non-equilibrium materials science using 3MV ultra-high voltage electron microscope is suggested as the future respect.

Key words: Ultra-high voltage electron microscopy, In situ observation, Non-equilibrium materials science, Electron irradiation