MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.3 2011
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Analysis of Renal Microcirculation and Permeability-Change with Bio-Imaging Techniques

Naoki Kashihara, Atsunori Kuwabara, Hajime Nagasu, Shinya Kobayashi, Yoshisuke Haruna and Minoru Satoh

Abstract: Albuminuria is strongly associated with cardiovascular disease. Individuals with albuminuria are more likely to die of CVD than to develop kidney failure. High blood pressure, poor glycemic control, obesity, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, smoking and older age are the risk factors for susceptibility to and initiation of CKD. Glomerular hypertension and endothelial dysfunction are regarded as the common mechanisms underlying in the development of CKD. We have developed the novel techniques which enable us to visualize nitric oxide (NO) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) simultaneously in the tissue. Moreover, we have successfully innovated two-photon laser-microscopy to visualize microcirculation in the kidney in the living animals. These techniques are applicable to explore pathophysiology of many diseases.

Key words: two-photon laser scanning fluorescence microscope, albuminuria, glycocalyx, nitric oxide