MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.4 2011
â– Reviews

Evolution and Prospects of High Resolution Electron Microscopy

Yoshizo Takai

Department of Material and Life Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Abstract: High-resolution electron microscopy is entering a new era with the development of aberration correction electron optics. Thanks to the steady efforts of researchers over a period of 50 years, this development enables us to directly observe individual light atoms such as carbon and oxygen as well as single molecules and impurities in bulk solids. High-resolution electron microscopes are now indispensable tools to facilitate nanotechnology studies in many fields. In the present review, a brief history of the development of aberration correction is outlined, and some future directions using the technique are summarized including a discussion on phase plates.

Key words: High resolution electron microscopy, spherical aberration correction, chromatic aberration correction, phase plate