MICROSCOPY Vol.46▶No.4 2011
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Reconstruction of a Three Dimensional (3D) Atomic Image using Internal-Detector Electron Holography

Akio Uesaka, Kouichi Hayashi, Tomohiro Matsushita and Shigetoshi Arai

Abstract: Investigation of the atomic structure in solid is essential for materials science. In order to analyze the local structures around the specific atoms by reconstructing a three dimensional (3D) atomic images under laboratory experiments, we propose a new method, which is termed “internal-detector electron holography”. The intensity variation of the characteristic X-ray as a function of direction of the incident electron beam forms an atomic resolution hologram around atoms emitting characteristic X-rays. We demonstrated the internal detector electron holography of a SrTiO3 single crystal using a scanning electron microscope and Ge solid state detector. A 3D atomic image of SrTiO3 was successfully visualized by a fitting-based reconstruction algorithm. The atoms of all of the elements are clearly seen at the theoretical coordinates without artifacts. This method has a great potential of various applications for materials and surface sciences.

Key words: Holography,Scanning Electron Micrscopy,Nano structure Analysis,Surface