MICROSCOPY Vol.47▶No.1 2012
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Local Electronic Structure Analysis by Using Site-Resolved STEM-EELS

Mitsutaka Haruta, Seiji Isoda and Hiroki Kurata

Abstract: Transition metal oxides in strongly correlated electron systems exhibit a variety of physical properties sensitively related to their crystal structures and constituent elements. Since these structurally complex crystals often have some nonequivalent atomic sites in a unit cell, the local electronic structure is different even for the same element. To further understand such materials it is important to examine the local electronic structure at high spatial resolution. Here, we show the results of the local electronic structure analysis for transition metal oxides with layered structure by using site-resolved EELS measured by the STEM equipped with a spherical aberration corrector for the illumination lens system.

Key words: STEM-EELS, First principles calculation, ELNES