MICROSCOPY Vol.47▶No.3 2012
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Atomic Resolution EDS Mapping by Cs-Corrected STEM-EDS

Eiji Okunishi and Ichiro Onishi

Abstract: Study of Atomic-column EELS mapping by using Cs-corrected STEM was reported by many groups. Atomic resolution EELS maps have been used to determine positions and species of atoms or atomic columns. On the other hand, atomic-column EDS mapping has not been attempted, because x-ray signal collection efficiency become 100 times worse than EELS.
Recently, newly large sensor (100mm2) Silicon-Drift type X-ray detector (SDD) was developed for the improvement of signal collection efficiency. This paper reported result of atomic-column EDS mapping from several Oxide specimen by using large solid angle SD-detector with Cs-corrected STEM.

Key words: EDS,Cs-corrected STEM,Large solid angle,Atomic resolution,Silicon drift detector (SDD)