MICROSCOPY Vol.47▶No.4 2012

The Construction of Foundation in Cell Adhesion to Recent Implant Fixture Surfaces Using Modified Nanostructure: An Approach with Various Microscopes

Makoto Umeda and Yoichiro Taguchi

Osaka Dental University, Department of Periodontology

Abstract: Recently, one of the dental treatments for the loss of teeth has been prosthetic treatment with implants. The environment surrounding implants has entered a new phase following Prof. Branemark’s osseointegration proposed approximately 40 years ago. There has been considerable interest in finding novel applications and functions for existing dental implant materials. Recent implant fixtures stabilize osseointegration quicker by controlling the titanium surface through various methods. This acquiring of good clinical initial fixation is very important. The modification of the surface property of the titanium is conducted in many ways. From the viewpoint of cell adhesion, the construction of foundation influences cellular behavior leading to subsequent differentiation. We reported on an approach using various microscopes in examining the surface property of the new modified nanostructure of the titanium.

Key words: Nano structure, Dental Implant, Surface modification, Titanium