KENBIKYO Vol.48▶No.2 2013
■Researches Today

200 kV Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope Equipped with a Monochromator

Masaki Mukai, Eiji Okunishi, Masanori Ashino, Kazuya Omoto, Tomohisa Fukuda, Akihiro Ikeda, Kazunori Somehara, Toshikatsu Kaneyama, Tomohiro Saitoh, Tsukasa Hirayama and Yuichi Ikuhara

Abstract: To measure a fine electronic structure in EELS for a specimen at high spatial and energy resolutions, we have developed a new analytical electron microscope equipped with a monochromator, which incorporates a double Wien-filter system. The electron probe was resulted to be highly monochromated and roundly shaped on the specimen plane. The ultimate energy resolutions, measured in FWHMs, for zero-loss peaks were measured to be 36 meV at 200 kV and 30 meV at 60 kV with 0.1 seconds acquisitions. In the experiment of EELS mapping, the map showed an atomic resolution and the spectrum showed an energy resolution of 146 meV.

Key words: Monochromator、High resolution EELS、High resolution STEM、Atomic resolution EELS mapping