KENBIKYO Vol.48▶No.3 2013
â– Feature Articles: Novel Microscopic Characterization Techniques Using Nanoscale Ion Probes

Helium Ion Microscopy Technology for Characterization and Fabrication of Nano-Device Materials

Shinichi Ogawa

Abstract: Applications of a heliun ion microscopy (HIM) technology have been eagerly studied at more than 20 organizations in the world, and several unique applications are developed in here. LSI Cu / low-k interconnect structures have been imaged using generated secondary electrons. In comparison with electron, helium ion has larger cross section, and it realized HIM observation of samples with less current because of higher efficiency of secondary electron generation for imaging, which results in less power implant (less themal damage input) into the samples. At the same time helium ions penetrate deeper than electrons at optimal observation conditions. Utilizing these features, a low-k matetrial patten with less deformation (thermal damage) and a Cu metal line underneath a 130 nm dielectric are imaged. A few - 40 nm diameter tungusten pillars are deposited under the helium ion beam irradiation in W(CO)6 gas atmosphere with high spacial resolution accuracy, which realized precicse electron tomography and re-construction. The helium ion irradiation onto a graphene film could introduce defect controrablly in the film which tune conduction properties of the graphene. Possibility of ion beam luminescence is shown.

Key words: helium ion microscopy, secondary electron, interconnect, deposition, graphene