KENBIKYO Vol.48▶No.3 2013
■Researches Today

Live-Cell Imaging of Endocytosis in the Budding Yeast

Junko Toshima and Jiro Toshima

Abstract: The budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an excellent model organism with which to study intracellular trafficking pathways, such as the secretory and endocytic pathways. While “forward genetics”, which involves the identification of a gene responsible for a specific phenotype, is still useful in studies of yeast, recent advances in fluorescence microscopy have facilitated a “reverse genetics” approach for revealing the functions of genes by analyzing the phenotypes resulting from mutation. Here we introduce a technique for live-cell imaging of yeast endocytosis and analysis of the molecular mechanisms involved.

Key words: yeast, endocytosis, clathrin, lice-cell imaging, EH domain