KENBIKYO Vol.49▶No.1 2014
â– Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope (ASEM)

Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope System with an Open Sample Chamber

Hidetoshi Nishiyama, Mitsuru Koizumi, Koji Ogawa, Shinich Kitamura, Yuji Konyuba, Mitsuo Suga and Chikara Sato

Abstract: Basic designs and recent developments of an atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ASEM) system and optical microscope (OM) are reported. Samples are in liquid or gas at atmospheric pressure on the electron-transparency window of the open ASEM dish which is sealed to the top of an inverted SEM column. OM is placed above the dish. The improved system has (i) a fully motorized sample stage, (ii) a column protection system in case of accidental window breakage, and (iii) an OM/SEM operation system controlled by a graphical user interface. The open sample chamber allows the external administration of reagents to the sample during SEM observation, and the study of systems involving volume changes. Taking advantage of this, we monitored the influence of NaCl on the random motion of silica particles in liquid.

Key words: Electron microscope, environmental cell, random motion, atmosphere, ASEM