KENBIKYO Vol.49▶No.1 2014
â– Lectures

3D Microstructure Observation of Materials by Means of FIB-SEM Serial Sectioning

Toru Hara

Abstract: The concept and recent progress of three-dimensional reconstruction observation by means of a focused ion beam (FIB)-scanning electron microscope (SEM) serial sectioning method is described. The characteristic points of the orthogonally-arranged FIB-SEM is introduced. This new equipment is specially designed to improve the quality of serial sectioning observation: it shows high contrast and high spatial resolution. These features are realized by the ideal configuration of the SEM, FIB and other detectors such as the short working distance (2 mm). From the results carried out by this FIB-SEM, methodology and quality of observation are discussed.

Key words: Orthogonally arranged FIB-SEM, contrast, spatial resolution, steel