KENBIKYO Vol.49▶No.2 2014
â– Feature Articles: Improvement and Application of Environmental TEM

In situ TEM Observation on Hydrogenation of Hydrogen Storage Materials

Junko Matsuda and Kenta Yoshida

Abstract: While global warming and fossil fuel drain pose a problem, development of the hydrogen storage material which can store and convey compactly and safely hydrogen is important; hydrogen can mutually alter to electricity. The characteristics such as hydrogen absorption capacity, cycle ability and reaction rate are related to the microstructure in a hydrogen absorption process. In this research, the TEM sample holder with an ex situ cell was produced for the purpose of clarifying microstructure of the hydrogen storage material during hydrogenation. When TEM observation was carried out as it was, without taking out in the atmosphere the palladium powder which was exposed to hydrogen gas, the coarsening of the crystal grain was observed. Next, environmental TEM performed in situ observation on hydrogenation of Mg-Ni films. As a result, it was clarified that MgH2 crystallized after Mg2NiH4 formation.

Key words: Hydrogenation, Ex situ cell, In situ observation, Environmental TEM, High resolution TEM