KENBIKYO Vol.49▶No.3 2014
â– Feature Articles: Frontiers of Serial Slice SEM in BioMedical Research

Serial Section Scanning Electron Microscopy and Its Application for the Morphological Analysis of the Golgi Apparatus

Daisuke Koga, Satoshi Kusumi and Tatsuo Ushiki

Abstract: Serial section scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is based on the collection of backscattered electron images of serial ultrathin sections stained with heavy metals. This method is simpler than serial section transmission electron microscopy, and is useful for 3D reconstruction of a region of interest without using special instruments such as FIB/SEM (focused ion beam/SEM) or SBF/SEM (serial block face/SEM). In this paper, we will explain details of serial section SEM, and show its application for 3D morphological analysis of the Golgi apparatus. This technique is suitable for 3D morphological reconstruction of the Golgi apparatus which is known as a cell organelle with a complicated structure. Serial section SEM is expected to be widely used for analysis of 3D structure of such cell organelle as Golgi apparatus and mitochondria.

Key words: Serial section SEM, Golgi apparatus, 3D reconstruction