KENBIKYO Vol.50▶No.1 2015

Basic Technologies of EPMA and Latest FE-EPMA

Hiroshi Sakamae and Hiroshi Hayashi

Abstract: In recent years SEM-EDS has become a very friendly and useful surface analysis device by its technological innovation, but it is thought that EPMA (here, this word means “Electron probe microanalyzer with WDS” contrasted with SEM-EDS) which has low minimum detection limit and superior quantitative precision will continue to be used as the surface analysis device which is indispensable in solving problems in various fields. Particularly in late years the space resolving power of the element mapping image was remarkably improved by appearance of the EPMA with FE electron gun (FE-EPMA), so the application range of EPMA is rather spreading. In order to deepen understanding about EPMA, this lecture gives brief explanation about the difference between EPMA and SEM-EDS first, then describes characteristic performance and function of EPMA and shows one of applications with latest FE-EPMA.