KENBIKYO Vol.50▶No.1 2015
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Development of Cc Corrector under the Triple C Project

Hidetaka Sawada, Fumio Hosokawa, Takeo Sasaki, Shuuichi Yuasa, Koji Katazakai, Shunsaku Waki, Muneyuki Kawazoe, Yuko Shimizu, Tomohiro Nakamichi and Kazutomo Suenaga

Abstract: The Cc corrector was developed by applying a combination concave-lens effect from a thick twofold astigmatism field. Magnetic and electrostatic twofold astigmatism fields produced by dodecapoles were used to introduce the concave lens effect. The Cc corrector was mounted below the objective lens, and the Delta-type corrector for a TEM was also installed below the Cc corrector in tandem to correct geometrical aberrations. The simultaneous Cc and Cs correction and atomic-resolution imaging on a TEM using the system were experimentally demonstrated at an accelerating voltage of 30 kV.

Key words: Chromatic aberration, Low voltage, Spherical aberration, TEM