KENBIKYO Vol.50▶No.2 2015
â– Researches Today

Remote Image-Sharing by the Application of Internet-Video Conference System to Electron Microscopy

Akira Sawaguchi, Yoshiteru Goto, Takafumi Yotsuji and Kosuke Iwata

Abstract: Most recent electron microscopes are commonly equipped with high-resolution digital camera which provides us remote image-sharing with laboratory colleagues and research collaborators by means of internet-video conference system.
The provided images are available on a personal computer with secured account permission by the provider. It is highly anticipated that this application will promote not only the experimental research but also the development of young investigators by exchanging mutual opinions with electron microscopic findings in real time. Here, we introduce the equipment and practical use in fine structural research for future.

Key words: Electron microscopy, Video conference, Internet, Remote image-sharing, Real time