KENBIKYO Vol.50▶No.3 2015
■Feature Articles: Current Status of the Development of Ultrafast Electron Microscopes in Japan

Development of 500 kV Linac-TEM

Yukinori Nagatania, Yoshihiro Araib, Takumi Sannomiyac, Tadao Shiraid, Ryuzo Aiharae, Giichi Iijimab and Kuniaki Nagayamaf

aNational Institute for Physiological Sciences
bTerabase Inc.
cTokyo Institute of Technology
eAihara Industry

Abstract: The goal of the project is a contraction of a high-voltage transmission electron microscopy (TEM) by employing technologies of linear-accelerators driven by microwaves, which allow us to realize a compact and low-cost high-voltage TEM. The energy-spread of the beams by linear-accelerators is too large to utilize for TEMs directly, because the beams are accelerated by alternating electric field in resonance-cavities of microwaves. In this paper, we report several technologies, including RF-choppers, to solve the problems.

Key words: High Voltage TEM, Linear Accelerator