KENBIKYO Vol.51▶No.2 2016
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High-Pressure Microscopy for Controlling Microtubule Dynamics

Masayoshi Nishiyama, Kingo Takiguchi and Masahito Hayashi

Abstract: Protein molecules assemble to form molecular machineries in living cells. Their biologically important reactions occur with association of water molecules that surround the protein molecules. Application of pressure is a powerful method for modulating intermolecular interactions between protein and water molecules. We have developed high-pressure microscopy for controlling the structure and function of molecular machinery working in living cells. In this review, we describe a short summary of our high-pressure microscope. The developed system allows us to visualize the polymerization and de-polymerization dynamics of microtubules at high-pressure.

Key words: High-pressure microscope, Intermolecular interaction, Microtubule, Artificial Cell