KENBIKYO Vol.51▶No.3 2016
â– Feature Articles: Frontiers of Plant Morphology Research

Electron Tomography Analysis of Actin–Microtubule Interaction in Plants

Miyuki Takeuchi and Yoshinobu Mineyuki

Abstract: Electron tomography is a powerful technique to visualize and quantitatively analyze ultrastructure within cells. Three-dimensional volume is reconstructed from s series of images that is obtained by sequentially tilted sample. The combination of high-pressure freezing and electron tomography was applied to analysis of actins and microtubules in preprophase band of onion cotyledon epidermal cell. The preprophase band is cytokinetic apparatus, which is detected in cell cortex as bundled microtubules. Although it is suggested that actins contribute to organization of microtubules, how actins contribute to organization of the microtubules remains unsolved. To address the question as to how F-actins interact with other preprophase band components requires 3D structural studies at electron microscope level. Electron tomographic analysis depicts that detailed distribution of the microtubules and fine microfilaments, and relationship between them.

Key words: Actin-microtubule interaction, Electron tomography, Microfilament, Microtubule, Preprophase band