KENBIKYO Vol.52▶No.1 2017

Ileal Absorptive Cells Alter Its Morphology and Function

Ryoko Baba, Keiji Kokubu, Hiroyuki Morimoto and Mamoru Fujita

Abstract: The mucosal surface of intestine is mainly covered by absorptive cells (enterocytes) which absorb nutrients and water from its lumen. The cells are present throughout intestine and have common structural characterization; however, its function varies in its location. In the rodents, the absorptive cells have different feature between adult and suckling period. In the suckling rodents, the absorptive cells alter intracellular structure along with proximo-distal (canoniocaudal) axis. We focused on the absorptive cells of distal small intestine (ileum) in suckling rodents. The cells specialize for apical endocytosis of macromolecules from maternal milk. After weaning, the absorptive cells that have apical endocytic membrane system disappear in the epithelium. According to the unique property, we applied organoid technologies on ileum.

Key words: suckling period, ileum, absorptive cell (enterocyte), endocytosis, organoid