KENBIKYO Vol.52▶No.2 2017

We Can Still Enjoy Electron Microscopy

Osamu Yamamoto

Abstract: Electron microscopy, once essential in diagnostic dermatopathology and investigative dermatology for skin diseases, has been overtaken by immunohistochemistry in the field of dermatopathology. However electron microscopy is important in the dermatology field even today. Here I present some excellent examples providing the importance of electron microscopy, viz., demonstrating the ultrastructure of intracytoplasmic canaliculi in porocarcinoma, fibronexus junction in atypical fibroxanthoma, lipid droplets in sebaceous carcinoma, tonofilaments in pseudovascular squamous cell carcinoma, inclusion bodies in Fabry disease, keratinization disorders and inherited hair diseases, among others, thereby indicating its utikity even today. Additionally, I would like to describe how electron microscopy can play an important role in the investigation for histogenesis of new diseases and the risk assessment for new industrial products.

Key words: electron microscopy, dermatology, diagnostic dermatopathology, histogenesis, risk assessment