KENBIKYO Vol.52▶No.2 2017
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Electron Microscope Observation of Dental Adhesive for Caries Treatment

Noriyuki Nagaoka, Kumiko Yoshihara and Yasuhiro Yoshida

Abstract: The general treatment for a dental caries is to remove the decay and put in a filling artificial materials. Recently, tooth color composite resin is often used for filling material due to meet patients’ esthetic demand. Composite resin doesn’t adhere tooth itself, so dental adhesive is needed. It is known that the components of dental adhesive affect the longevity and clinical performance. We focused the interface between tooth and adhesive using transmission electron microscopy. Furthermore, we investigated the interaction functional monomer in dental adhesive and hydroxyapatite using X-ray diffraction (XRD), solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

Key words: caries, dental adhesive, self-etching system, functional monomer, composite resin