KENBIKYO Vol.53▶No.1 2018

Realization of Various Magnetic Skyrmions by Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy with External Magnetic Fields

Xiuzhen Yu

Abstract: Magnetic skyrmions are magnetic vortex-like topological particles excited in magnetic materials with external magnetic fields. In the skyrmion, electron-spins swirl from the north-pole in the core to the south-pole in the peripheral of the skyrmion. Nanometric skyrmions as information carriers are promising for applications to the high-density and low-power-consumption magnetic memory owing to their topological novelty. The real-space observation of skyrmion is more essential to understand the skyrmion and thereby control it. We report here the Lorentz transmission electron microscopy (Lorentz TEM) studies on various magnetic skyrmions under external magnetic fields in helimagnets/uniaxial ferromagnets with non-centrosymmetric/centrosymmetric structures.

Key words: magnetic materials, skyrmion, Lorentz TEM with external magnetic fields