KENBIKYO Vol.53▶No.1 2018

Nanoscale Imaging of the Biological Samples in Water Using New Dielectric Microscope

Toshihiko Ogura and Tomoko Okada

Abstract: Nanoscale imaging of the biological specimens and/or organic materials under water condition provides valuable insight to the analysis of the biological mechanisms. In particular, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) has widely been used to analyse the organic nano-particles, bacterial and protein structures. However, SEM observations of these specimens under high vacuum condition require specific sample preparation protocols to enhance contrast and to avoid electrical radiation damage. We recently developed a new imaging technology called a scanning-electron assisted dielectric-impedance microscopy (SE-ADM) system based on SEM. Our system provides high-contrast imaging and low-radiation damage for the observation of the intact biological specimens in water using an atmospheric sample holder. Furthermore, it can be used for diverse liquid samples across a broad range of scientific fields, such as nanoparticles, organic materials and catalytic materials.

Key words: Scanning electron microscopy, Dielectric, Observation in the liquid, Cultured cells, Atmospheric holder