KENBIKYO Vol.53▶No.2 2018

Image Reconstruction Based on Bayesian Super-Resolution—Beyond the Bounds of Digital Camera—

Seiji Miyoshi

Abstract: An inference technique in which a posterior probability calculated by the Bayesian theorem is used is called Bayesian inference. We introduce an image super-resolution technique based on Bayesian inference. The compound Bayesian super-resolution proposed by Kanemura et al. is explained in particular. In Bayesian super-resolution, subpixel details can be reproduced because shifts and rotations of observed images are utilized positively. Furthermore, edge reproduction is realized by the line process in compound Bayesian super-resolution. In this paper, we describe the outline of compound Bayesian super-resolution and show experimental results.

Key words: Key words: super-resolution, Bayesian inference, line process, EM algorithm