KENBIKYO Vol.53▶No.3 2018
■Feature Articles: Electron Tomography for the Case of TEM, from Soft to Hard

Recent Progress in Electron Tomography for Nano Particles

Tomokazu Yamamoto, Koji Shigematsu, Kohei Aso and Syo Matsumura

Abstract: Electron tomography is now widely applied to 3-dimensional (3D) structure characterization of various matters in such a high spatial resolution as in nanometer scale. According to significant improvement in the image resolution due to aberration-corrected electron microscopy, several advanced algorisms for reconstruction have been recently proposed to achieve the corresponding spatial resolution in 3D. The present brief review is focused on recent progress in 3D structure characterization of metallic nanoparticles by electron tomography. The first topics demonstrates the advantages of DART algorism established by Batenburg et al., to overcome the serious missing wedge problem involved in electron tomography as well as to reduce the total dose of electron illumination for acquisition of projection images. The second one treats a trial to reveal the 3D atom configuration in a polycrystalline binary alloy particle by reconstruction with EST algorism, which was proposed by Miao et al., from a tilt series of atomic resolution HAADF-STEM images.

Key words: Electron tomography, Nano particles, DART, EST, 3D atom configuration