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 Vol.34 No.1 1999

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Vol.34 No.1 1999



To exhibit a beauty of cells for public Tokindo Okada 1


Novel function of intestinal lymphocytes and macrophages

Yoshiharu Hashimoto, Koshi Mori and Toshihiko Iwanaga

Diffusion-couple study using analytical electron microscopy  Zenji Horita 7
Morphological neuron·glia interaction in the hypothalamus Yoshitaka Tamada and Yasuhiko Ibata 13
High resolution STM imaging of organic and bio-molecules Tomoji Kawai 19


Morphological characteristics of dendritic cells

Mikihiro Shamoto, Bin Qian and Hajime Niimi

Cathodoluminescence technique (II) Instruments and application (1) Takashi Sekiguchi 30

Feature Articles: To visualize the three-dimensional structures of proteins

Structure biology opened by electron cryo-microscopy

Yoshinori Fujiyoshi 35

1) High resolution electron cryo-microscope

Yoshinori Fujiyoshi 36

2) Data collection for electron crystallography

Teruhisa Hirai 40

3) Image analysis of electron micrographs from two-dimensional crystals to build an atomic model

Kaoru Mitsuoka 44

Technical Notes

Virus particles in the salivary gland of Aedes albopictus infected with Chikungunya virus
Hiroshi Yamanishi 49
-Microscopy across an ocean- Remote operation of UHVEM by use of communication channel
Kiyokazu Yoshida 52

Researches Today

Molecular directionality of cellulose biosynthesis Junji Sugiyama 55
HREM and EELS study for grain boundaries in BaTiO3

Takahisa Yamamoto, Yuichi Ikuhara and Taketo Sakuma

The observation technique with TEM for Grown-in defects in CZ-Si Takemi Ueki and Tadao Takeda 61

Conference Reports

Reports on the 14th International Congress on Electron Microscopy Hiroshi Saijo and Jiro Usukura 65

Staff Commentary

Yuichi Ikuhara 67

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