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 Vol.34 No.3 1999

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Vol.34 No.3 1999



Morphology of the bacteria in natural environment is not known yet


Kazunobu Amako


Ultrastructure and functions of hepatic sinusoidal cells

Kenji Kaneda


Analysis of grown-in defects in CZ-Si crystals using TEM


Shinsuke Sadamitsu, Shigeru Umeno, Yoshio Yanase, Toshiaki Ono and Masataka Hourai

What is discovered from microvascular corrosion cast-bone specimens

Fumihiko Suwa


Ion irradiation defect in oxide superconductor


Yukichi Sasaki, Daxiang Huang and Yuichi Ikuhara

Feature Articles: Cell membrane

Introduction Masako Ohsumi 180
Revisiting caveolae Toyoshi Fujimoto 181
Specialization of cell membranes as revealed by freeze-fracture replica labeling Kazushi Fujimoto 184
Voltage-gated Ca2+ channels in cardiac myocytes Yoshiko Takagishi 188

Feature Articles: Semiconductor nano-technology by electron microscopy

Introduction Ayahiko Ichimiya 192
Formation and decay of a silicon pyramid on silicon surfaces 193

Ayahiko Ichimiya and Kazuhiko Hayashi

Dislocation structure in laterally overgrown GaN films Akira Sakai 197
Ge nanostructure formation using multifunctional scanning reflection electron microscopy Masakazu Ichikawa 200
Simultaneous STM and UHV electron microscope observation of Tip-Si(111) surface 204

Yoshitaka Naitoh and Kunio Takayanagi


Intracellular staining of neurons and its application


Yoshinori Kawai and Emiko Senba

Structure analysis of ultimately small areas and their imaging by using nm-sized electron beam (II)


Nobuo Tanaka

Technical Notes

Imaging of living cells by confocal microscopy

Yoh-ich Satoh

Observation of semi-conductor device by energy filter TEM 220

Kyoichiro Asayama and Yoshimi Kato

Investigation of elemental distribution in a dielectric of DRAM


Masahiro Kawasaki

Researches Today

Negative staining method for ultrathin cryo-section of tissue

Toshio Sakai

High-resolution electron microscope study of oxycarbonate superconductors 231

Yoshio Matsui

Conferenc Report

Report on the exhibition of electron microscopic photograph and the electron microscopic course for junior high and high school students


Yoshikazu Fujita, Chieko Ozaka, Miya Kobayashi, Nobuo Tanaka, Kenji Tanaka and Hiroyasu Saka

Book Review

Advanced Computing in Electron Microscopy Takaaki Hanai 237

Staff Commentary

Seiji Takeda 238

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