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Application for Membership

Membership in JSM will bring you in contact with many other people working with various microscopes and related instruments and their applications. These contacts must be invaluable for members.

The Society promotes communication among members in a variety of ways. An applicant for Regular Membership should be an individual who has an active interest in electron microscopes and other microscopes.

An applicant for Student Membership should be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student.
Corporate membership is also available for corporations, institutions, or organizations desiring to support the Society.

To apply for membership in JSM, contact the JSM Office to obtain an Application Form and fill out and mail it. The Application Form can also be downloaded from this website.
Usually it takes about 6 weeks to be approved for the membership. Members are charged annual dues to obtain benefits and to support the activities of the Society. Dues should be paid after membership is approved.

Application Form〔PDF〕Application Form〔Excel〕

  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to print out the Application Form.
  Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. (It is available for FREE.)

Membership Dues

Annual dues are 11,000yen for a Regular Member or 3,000yen for a Student Member.
Members who reside outside Japan are charged for additional postal in the amount of 2,500yen.

Benefits of Membership

JSM is an internationally recognized professional society concerned with microscopy and related instrumentation. Specific benefits to members include:

* Subscription to the international journal, Microscopy, published six times each year, and the membership journal in Japanese, Kenbikyo (“microscope” in Japanese), published three times each year.
* Reduced registration fees for all members and free registration fees for Student Members for the spring and autumn annual meetings and the many other meetings sponsored or cosponsored by JSM.

Updating Membership Information

If you are already a member and want to update your contact information, please send the new information to the JSM Office together with your membership number by mail or fax.