Message from the President

Yu-ich Ikuhara
Professor Institute of Engineering Innovation School of Engineering,
The University of Tokyo, the 60th Chairman

Microscopy, a key technology for the future development of science and technology, has recently become an area of focus in research. Remarkable progress has been made in this area, as exemplified by the popularization of aberration correction technology, application of microscopy to bioscience, development of cryo-TEM, improved performance of probe microscopes, and sophistication of in situ observation technology, ultrasensitive camera technology, analysis software, and other application programs. These technologies and techniques are being applied to the analysis of materials, substances, and living bodies and are innovatively utilized in application fields of microscopes.

The Japanese Society of Microscopy will work on the following five challenges to help promote and popularize microscopy in Japan. First, we will work on (1) the promotion and popularization of microscopy, which plays a leading role in the scientific and technological areas, to popularize the leading-edge microscopic methods in worksites and conduct activities that will contribute to research and development. Next, we will work toward (2) developing young researchers and engineers, which in turn will have a major effect on the future of our society and thus, we will show young researchers the profundity, brilliance, and importance of microscopy and will spontaneously establish a mechanism that leads them to develop an interest in microscopy. We will also (3) enhance the collaboration and interaction among industry, academia, and government and (4) promote large projects related to microscopy by summarizing discussions at our project promotion committee meetings and actively making approaches and proposals to government authorities toward large project planning. Finally, we will (5) make efforts toward globalization, which is an important challenge; we will build a mechanism that promotes the participation of many foreign researchers toward the globalization of our society. By overcoming these challenges, we will further develop our organization and help promote microscopy in Japan.