Purpose & History


The Japanese Society of Microscopy (JSM) is a scientific organization of professionals who primarily work with or have an active interest in many kinds of microscopy in diverse fields of material, physical, biological, and medical sciences.

The purpose of the Society is to advance and extend knowledge concerning the principles and applications of microscopes or related instruments, and to contribute to technical developments in industries and the improvement of human health.

JSM holds nationwide spring and autumn scientific meetings every year. At the spring meeting more than 400 papers on various topics, especially microscopic imaging and compositional analysis, are presented and discussed.

The autumn meeting is held in the style of a symposium at which particular topics are focused on and thoroughly discussed. The Society publishes two high-quality journals, Microscopy and Kenbikyo.


JSM has been renamed from the Japanese Society of Electron Microscopy(JSEM) in 2003 The history of the Society dates back to 1939, when a university-industry cooperative research committee on electron microscopy was established by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science.

This committee was organized at the request of researchers who specialized in electrical, chemical, physical, medical, and biological sciences and industries, and was supported by government subsidies. In 1946, this committee was reorganized as the Japanese Society of Electron Microscopy.

Currently it has over 2,500 individual members and 75 corporate members.