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国際的なバイオイメージング研究コンソーシアムであるGlobal BioImagingから、生物医学分野の

Biomedical imaging applications in health and disease:
               webinar series by Global BioImaging & National Imaging Facility (Australia)

Global BioImaging and Australia’s National Imaging Facility (NIF) is jointly organizing a webinar series in the sphere of biomedical imaging focusing on health and disease.

Global BioImaging partners, Euro-BioImaging ERIC and National Imaging Facility (NIF) in Australia will be featured during this webinar series. NIF speakers will join from the University of Melbourne and Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis (CMCA) at the University of Western Australia. Euro-BioImaging speakers will come from the Finnish Biomedical Imaging Node and Molecular Imaging Italian Node. Both NIF in Australia and Euro-BioImaging are open access imaging infrastructures that offer access to biomedical imaging technologies and services to users from academia and industry.

Date & Time:
▶3 November 2021, 13:00 Japan Standard Time (JST): Applications of Ultra-high field (7T) MRI technology for neuroscience research (Brad Moffat, National Imaging Facility, University of Melbourne, Australia)
▶ 17 November 2021, 18:00 JST: Magnetoencephalography – from university to established and emerging clinical applications (Hanna Renvall, Finnish Biomedical Imaging Node, Aalto University, Finland)
▶ 1 December 2021, 13:00 JST:* In vivo MicroCT and In vivo Fluorescence Imaging at the West Australian Node of the National Imaging Facility (Diana Patalwala, National Imaging Facility, University of Western Australia, Australia)
▶ 15 December 2021, 18:00 JST:* Multi-modal imaging for the study of brain connectivity (Marco Aiello, Molecular Imaging Italian Node, IRCCS SDN, Naples, Italy)

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Passcode: 712091

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Everyone is welcome to attend the webinars and we are looking forward to your participation.